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With a Scent of Innocence (Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy/Ed, Ed/Winry triad, NC-17) 1/1

Title: With a Scent of Innocence
Author: Spinny Roses
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi (Roy/Ed), het (Ed/Winry), bisexual triad (Roy/Ed/Winry with Ed as the pivot), established relationships, improper use of a wrench
Spoilers: Up to episode 36
Disclaimer: Don't own

With a Scent of Innocence
By Spinny Roses

Ed shifted in his seat, grumbling to himself. Winry had managed to make him promise a monthly checkup, since he had wreaked his automail more times than he really should have. A simple trip to Resimbool that he should NOT have needed to take! His automail was fine. Perfectly responsive, joints moving smoothly with no hitches, no sudden unexpected movement... the slap upside the Colonel's head notwithstanding. Ed chuckled to himself. Hey, the bastard had earned it. At least Al was staying behind to keep the Colonel in check.

With another restless and slightly pained shift, Ed looked out the train window. It was, of course, impossible to keep anything from Al even if he wanted to. His younger brother had pressed and prodded about why he had trouble sitting down some days, why he was asked to help Pinako well outside the house whenever they visited their hometown, why, in both situations, Ed was slightly more even-tempered, flushed, and sweaty...

Ed had confessed that he had no idea how the relationships had started. One day, he was arguing with Winry, verbally attacking Colonel Mustang, the next day he had his hands on Winry's naked hips as he pounded into her and took Mustang's cock up his ass.

Not at the same time. There was no damn way Winry would let the Colonel in the same room as her, aroused and ready for action. And the Colonel was more than a little possessive, considering how jealous he got when Ed blew off a fuck date to study with Al. Hell, they didn't even know about the other. What was Ed supposed to say, "Hi, ready for some hot sex and by the way I'm in a bisexual relationship with you and someone else"? He'd be lucky if Mustang burnt him to a crisp and Winry beat his head in with her wrench if they found out.

Fuck. He was going to have to put an end to it, anyway. Winry was a bystander, a hostage waiting to be taken. Mustang was his commanding officer and there was a little thing like statutory rape and fraternization they had to worry about.

Ow, but why the hell did Mustang decide twenty minutes before his train left that he absolutely had to shove his cock up Ed's ass one more time? The entire trip had been incredibly painful thanks to that stunt.

And there was Winry, waiting for him on the train platform in her work clothes, jump suit pulled down to her waist and black tube top barely covering her plentiful breasts. Ed groaned and shifted, this time to try to relieve a sudden pressure in too-tight pants. The girl was too sexy for her own good. What made it worse was that she didn't know. She moved with confidence of a Rockbell, a strong woman well aware of her spot in life and beating the hell out of any man who tried to make her lower than him. She moved with the confidence of a woman who didn't care how she looked and drew lustful stares everywhere she went.

... were her nipples erect? Ed shook his head and just managed to avert his eyes from her bouncing breasts as she waved. In fact, Ed mused as he started off the train, she looked a little flushed and...

He was with Mustang about that bit. It wasn't fair that girls could come several times and some could do it with their imaginations alone. Though, what had she been thinking about? The last time they had been together, Winry bent over the work table as Ed teased her without letting her orgasm for at least two hours? That had been a fun time, and Ed had put to good use what Mustang had done to him a mere week before. Or maybe something new... Winry was always coming up with new places and positions. She had even tied herself up once, though her bound hands had gotten in the way.

"Ed!" Winry ran up to him as he finally left the train, smiling. "Hey there! How was your trip? Where's Al? Is your automail okay?" Rapid-fire speech... they were going to scare Den when they got back to the Rockbell place. Winry was obviously restraining herself, trying to keep from kissing him senseless and shoving his pants down.

"The trip was fine, my automail's fine, and Al is back at Central doing research." Which is what he should be doing, Ed thought sourly. Having sex with Winry or Mustang was actually really nice, but research was more important, damn it!

Winry rolled her eyes. "But isn't keeping your automail working better than sticking your nose in a musty book?" Mustang was better at layering his words with a sexual meaning, but it seems that someone was teaching Winry the skill as well. Ed was not blushing. Nope. It was just a little too hot.

The girl grabbed his suitcase, seemingly unaware of the gender rules broken and perfectly aware that her arm barely brushed his groin. "Granny Pinako's doing a house call," she continued. "She said she'll be back around nightfall and that there's some food already waiting for us. Just need to heat it up. Oh, and Granny wants to take a look at your leg, she thinks you might have grown another few centimeters."

"Are you saying I'm short?!"

The conversation continued in that vein during their walk, the two teasing each other back and forth as Ed put plenty of thought into making sure he did not walk funny. He probably could have attributed it to a long ride but that was one of his weakest excuses. The instant the front door shut, however...

Winry's kisses were always less intense, more innocent than Mustang's. It was something that only she could give him, the thought that he was a normal guy with his childhood girlfriend. He finally reached up and rubbed her breasts, feeling her hardened nipples being pushed in the direction his hand was going. Ed loved the squishy feeling of her breasts, the weight in his hand and hard nub against his palm. He yanked her tube top down, reveling in the easier access to the wonderful things known as female breasts.

Her head fell back as Ed licked at her nipples, breathing heavily. Finally, Winry pushed him away, smirking. "I have something better in mind, Ed." She carefully bent down, unzipping his pants to pull out a painfully erect penis. The girl worked his pants down to around his knees and hesitantly kissed the head of his cock, eyes rolling up to look at him.

Ed was floored and incredibly turned on. Winry hated giving blowjobs. She did it once and instantly declared she wouldn't go through the jaw pain and taste again. He was so shocked that she was offering to suck him that he nearly missed her fingers pressing up against his ass.


"Whoa! Winry, what are you doing?!"

The girl's finger teased around the tight muscle as she licked the tip of his penis. "I thought you liked this," she said simply. "Or would you rather it be something else?"

Oooh shit. "Um, Winry, I'm not..."

Her finger slid slightly into him, eliciting a wince. "Not gay?" Her voice took a darker turn. "That's not what Colonel Mustang says."

Oh shit.

"Um... Winry, I can..."

She pulled her finger out and stood up. "Do you want me to fuck you or not, Ed? Because if not, my vibrator has a better offer for me than listening to you stand around, stammering." Winry glared at him, hands on her hips.


"Five seconds," she said, starting to get angry. "Four. Three. Two..."

"Fine!" Ed huffed, and grabbed her breasts. "Get out of your clothes."

"... Ed." Winry shook her head, batting his hands off. "I said I'm going to fuck you. Pants off."

Well, this was better than Winry beating the shit out of him as soon as she found out. He kicked his pants off completely, watching her, wary. She reached for his ass again, fulling intending on shoving a finger up there when he grabbed her wrist. "Damn it, Winry, use some damn lube! It fucking hurts if you don't."

She blinked, obviously confused about that. "I thought that after... never mind." Winry shoved some things around her workstation, absently taking the time to reach down and pull her tube top up over her head. Finally she found a small jar of mechanical grease. "Here, if this lubricates your automail, it'll be fine for your ass." A generous dollop on her fingers and she proceeded to insert her thin fingers.

Holy hell it was different. Winry was pissed; Ed could tell. She never was this dominant. She never ordered him around like this, knowing her own power and using it as a sexual weapon. He bit his lip, trying to relax so her fingers weren't so damn uncomfortable. She pressed up against the walls of his ass, wiggling her fingers, looking for something...

"Further up whoa!"

Winry took that direction and shoved her fingers in further, managing to find that spongy part that was his prostate. His legs started feeling weak as she fucked him with her fingers, all the blood going to the all-important penis. Winry kissed his cheek, pulling her fingers out. "Lay down, Ed. Spread your legs."

He started bending down to lay on his stomach.

"Oh come on! I can't ride your cock like that!"

Okay then. Ed turned over, seeing her kneeling in front of him with something in her hands. Frowning, he propped himself on his elbows only to see a glimpse of metal as she kicked off her jump suit to leave her completely bare.

"Oh hell no, Winry! I know you sleep with one of those in your bed but that's not going up my ass!"

"Don't be a baby." Winry turned it around, pressing the handle up against the tight muscle of his ass. "You take Colonel Mustang's cock up here often enough, and I don't have a dildo. Besides, he's given me a few tips so I know you'll like it."

Well that explains a lot. Ed opened his mouth just as Winry slid the handle of the wrench into him. She angled it upward, searching again for that spot, unable to find it. She was close and occasionally brushed it and holy hell it felt good. Winry kissed his thigh, her free hair brushing his cock as she continued fucking him with her wrench. Just as he was about to come, she stopped, taking her hands away from the tool.


"I won't let you come like that," she said, voice husky. Winry got up on her knees and crawled up on top of him, brushing his straining penis against her wet pubic hair. Carefully, she wrapped her hand around his cock and guided it into herself.

It was different. Winry rode him fiercely, one hand down to rub at her clit as she bounced on top of him. The wrench moved inside of him, accidently brushing up against his prostate every third thrust. It was wet and the pressure inside him and around him was wonderful and fuck he was going to come in her...

"Wi-winry... Nng..."

"Ah!" Winry suddenly spasmed, her fingers digging into his arms. She relaxed bonelessly, post-orgasmic as he finally came as well, filling her for the first time with his seed.

They laid like that for a while, riding out the glow of one awesome orgasm. Except that wrench was getting a little uncomfortable...

"Hey, Winry..." Ed shifted a little, making her grumble. "Can you take that thing out of my ass now?"

"Fine, fine," she said sleepily, pulling it out. "Ewww, gross. I'm going to have to disinfect it now."

"You're the one that insisted," Ed reminded her, wrapping his arms around her. "Um... hey... I um... about Mustang..."

Winry yawned, tilting her head up at him. "What, you thought Al wouldn't tell me? Or that the Colonel wouldn't have gotten suspicious? You don't hide your emotions well, Ed."

"I can explain," he said weakly.

"I bet you can. But right now, shut up."

Ed brushed her sweaty bangs out of her face. "You're pissed."

"I said shut up. We'll talk later, okay? Right now you're interrupting one hell of an orgasmic glow."

With a sigh, he relaxed his neck and placed his head back on the ground. At least the beating would come later rather than now... wait. Winry and Mustang had been talking. Probably before he had to leave. About anal sex.

So that's why the bastard had taken him aside and fucked him raw right before the train came.

The End
Tags: ed/winry, fullmetal alchemist, het, one-shot, rating: nc-17, roy/ed, yaoi
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