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And then I danced another dance (Supernatural, Dean/human!female!Impala, R) 1/1

Title: And then I danced another dance
Author: Spinny Roses
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Warnings: Het (Dean/human!female!Impala)
Spoilers: ... none, other than basic knowledge of the series
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: She ran hot and long, smelled of smoke and gas, blood and leather.

And then I danced another dance
By Spinny Roses

I know the dance
I felt the heat
A million faces stared at me
I felt the earth, move to a beat
A million ways in which to sing, ah

-"Anna Maria," bôa

She was tall, almost as tall as Dean, almost as muscular. Dark skinned, dark hair, a wildcat under smoky lights. She ran hot and long, smelled of smoke and gas, blood and leather. Her curves were gentle, her breasts full and hot.

She knew all his scars, mapped them with a warm, wet tongue. She huskily spoke the story behind each one, the fear of bleeding out in the back seat.

She sucked him down expertly, knowing exactly what touch he liked, what suction he preferred. She lapped at him, sliding a finger across his balls to his rear, teasing the ring of muscle. Her voice whispered obscenities to him, remembrances of stolen moments in the back of a car with various people, various genders.

She fucked him hard, whispering Dean, my Dean softly. Her skin grew slick, slippery as leather. He drove up into her, looking up into the only thing he had loved like this since childhood. The only thing that would know him better than John, better than Sam.

She disappeared after Dean came inside her. But that was okay. If he looked outside, the Impala would be back in the lot, gleaming obscenely under the moonlight.
Tags: dean/human!female!impala, het, one-shot, rating: r, supernatural

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